New Home Construction Grant

Home heating and air conditioning represent over half of all domestic energy use in the United States. Energy costs are clearly on the rise, meaning that heating and air conditioning will be costing more. Yet it is possible to reduce this burden and the easiest place to start is when new home construction is being planned.

The use of modern home construction methods offers a significant opportunity for reducing what people pay for energy. These methods include building with exterior walls that use 2x6 studs on 24 centers, additional insulation, and tight air sealing. There are many examples in the area of the use of these methods, including homes built by Habitat for Humanity in Wayne County. The experience of Habitat has been that the stud cost is actually lower than that of older design walls and less wood is used. Others in the area have already adopted these methods.

Basic high school math confirms the efficacy of this approach. Using otherwise identical methods, thicker insulation is always better for energy. In addition to lower heating and air conditioning costs, these methods also mean that HVAC equipment can be smaller in size and lower in cost.

While some Wayne County home builders have already adopted the modern methods, many are still using the older approaches. In an effort to educate both individual home owners and building contractors, Wayne County Sustainable Energy Network is offering a small grant to home owners who use modern methods.

Grants of 1% of project cost, up to $1000*, are being made available to individual homeowners for new construction using energy efficient methods. This may cover the majority of extra construction costs.

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WCSEN has various resources that can be accessed to support new home design and construction.

* Subject to available funds. Selected grant recipients will be contacted. During construction, a WCSEN representative may visit the home construction site to verify that modern methods are being implemented. WCSEN also provides home energy audits, including blower door testing and infrared camera inspection.

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