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Our History: To promote energy sustainability through education and action 

The Wayne County Sustainable Energy Network (WCSEN) was founded by a group of concerned Wayne County citizens who foresaw the need to transition to sustainable renewable energy. The WCSEN group emerged as an independent local network in 2007. With the assistance of member Barry Romich, the organization was incorporated and became a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation with a Board of Trustees in August of that year.


The group recognized that fossil fuels have negative consequences that threaten our community and the planet. Our long-term goal is to replace finite fossil fuel energy (particularly sources like coal that most pollute the environment and cause global climate change) by encouraging conservation, energy efficiency and sustainable renewable energy development.

WCSEN organizes and conducts three primary types of activities: educational programs, community events, and the installation of renewable energy systems.  Free seminars and workshops open to the public have included:


  • solar photovoltaic basics and renewable energy credits (RECs)

  • solar thermal basics

  • wind energy

  • energy efficient home construction

  • fuel cell technology developments

  • energy-efficient lighting upgrades

  • state, federal and other incentives for renewable energy

RENEWABLE ENERGY IN OHIO: Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Click to see a presentation by WCSEN Board President, Fred Michel, who explains the rationale for using alternative energy and displays some local projects.

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WCSEN Bylaws (amended 18 Aug, 2016

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