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Ruth Vandersall, 1926-2020

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Betsy S. (5/5/2020)

Ruth was a tiny dynamo! Whatever she committed to, she did full-out. She never much cared about getting credit, but she liked to get the job done right. She was a joy to be around and to work with. Thank you, Ruth!

Mark T. (5/4/2020)

Ruth impressed the world with her determination.  You could feel it when you were around her.  It wasn't pushy but you knew she was there to make the good things happen that the group committed to.  Thank you, Ruth!!!         Mark 


Jodi R. (5/1/2020)

This last Sunday, April 26, 2020, we lost our very dear and original founding leader– Ruth Vandersall. I know this because I checked the little box next to the word volunteer on a small slip of paper she passed around in the church basement after a Green Energy Ohio event that she brought to Wayne County back in 2006. I have not since met a stronger and more determined woman than Ruth. She was the original spark and fire behind the beginning efforts of the Wayne County Sustainable Energy Network and she inspired all those around her to dig in, spend the time, and get involved in the important work that the planet needs us to do. Thank You Ruth, your mission continues.


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