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Joshua Andre   I work as an analytical laboratory technician at Quasar Energy Group in Wooster. Quasar specializes in anaerobic digestion, the use of a biological process to tap into the potential energy of organic wastes, diverting them from the landfill.  Our Buckeye Biogas digester at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster provides renewable energy to the campus. Quasar also provides technical support and analytical services to partner digesters throughout the US. I work in our Wayne County lab, testing biomass and digester samples to monitor digester health and ensure optimal performance. I hold a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Geneva College and a master's degree in Sustainability from Chatham University.

Susan Bacon  After I retired as a professor of Spanish from the University of Cincinnati, my husband and I built a house on our farm in Holmes County. From the beginning, we hoped to lead a carbon-neutral life, which we have achieved by installing geothermal heating and cooling, a 10-kW solar array, and many energy efficiency features. I believe that by serving on the WCSEN board of trustees I can contribute to the educational goals of the organization. Presently, I serve as the newsletter editor and interim webmaster, and hope to continue in those roles in the next term. 

Wayne Bacon I have lived in the Wooster area since 1969, and am a retired professor of agriculture from OSU-OARDC. I have been interested in renewable energy for many years and believe whole-heartedly in energy sustainability. During my time as a WCSEN trustee I have worked to support the mission of the group, especially through its educational activities. I currently serve as treasurer.

Larry Cerniglia  Sustainability is the most pressing issue facing our planet. As part of the the WCSEN I hope to continue our local efforts make our community more sustainable. Our personal efforts have included a plug-in electric hybrid, the recent purchase of the highest efficiency wood stove and the installation of a 10K solar array. It is our expectation that these actions will reduce our use of fossil fuels to near zero as we try to do our part for a healthy planet.

Daniel Kaufman  Vice President of ERS, Inc. is an entrepreneur and educator who enjoys in sharing his knowledge and technical expertise with those interested in innovation in the ‘Green’ technology. As an extension of his formal training at ATI in agricultural technology, Dan’s teaching focuses on the use of technology as an aid in bringing forth ideas and concepts in sustainability in the environment.

In addition, as the sixth generation in Wayne county his passion lies deep to help bring exposure to many innovative technologies, including hosting Robert Yost from American Wind, winner of the North American Green energy Entrepreneur Award.

Dan continues his efforts to develop the Ethos Possibility Center as an exposition and teaching center where the focus is on the young consumer, in an effort to expose young and old green innovative technologies from around the world.

Harald Koeninger I have lived in Wooster since 1995 and have a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Germany. I am working as an Automation Project Manager in the Industrial Engineering Department at Schaeffler. My company has very aggressive Carbon Footprint Goals and I am a member of the ‘Greenday’ Team working on implementing these goals for the entire plant. Renewable energy has been my passion for a long time and just I recently had a 9.5 kW Solar system installed and drive 2 electrical vehicles. I did a lot of research about the new tax credit for used and new electrical vehicles and would like to share this knowledge with others who are currently hesitant to go electric.


Unfortunately, the information about the recent tax incentives provided by the government has not made it to the general public and I see WCSEN as the perfect tool to educate people and make them aware that renewable energy and electrical vehicles can save a lot of money in the long run.

Distinguished Lifetime Trustee

Barry Romich  is an engineer by training and was co-founder and is presently board chair of Prentke Romich Company. He is passionate about energy issues, drive a plug-in hybrid car, and have a 10+ KW of solar PV with a 25 kw-hr battery back-up system. Romich Foundation has provided financial support for WCSEN and has been involved in many solar PV and energy conservation initiatives in Wayne County. More information about Barry here.

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