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My name is John Drouhard: I am a lifetime Wayne County resident and an electrician by profession.  I am interested in the production, storage and wise use of renewable energy.  I believe in the SEN mission of promoting renewable energy technologies and practices, especially solar generation and electric vehicles.

I am Laura Grimm, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I moved to Wayne County to attend the College of Wooster where I obtained a BA in Biology. I completed an MA in Plant Pathology from Ohio State University and subsequently worked as a plant pathologist for the University of Idaho and Ohio State University. Later in life, I became certified to teach grades 1-8 from Ashland University. I have taught elementary and middle school for the Dalton Local School District for 23 years, where I established Dalton’s STEM/STEAM program. This program first started as an 8th grade elective class focused on energy and sustainable living and has expanded to include all grades K-12. I am passionate about the environment, stewardship and fostering creative-thinking skills in my students. I currently live in Kidron with my husband of 35 years, Phil Grimm. Together we have two children, Ben (Senior Engineer for SpaceX in Los Angeles) and Rachel (Visiting Professor of French at Northwestern University in Chicago).



My name is Matt Kelbly. I have been interested in renewable energy for a long time and was able to serve as a trustee over the past four years. During that time I've been an active member of the group. I have spearheaded efforts to make science kits with an energy focus available to middle and high school students in the area. I've also participated in various other WCSEN events. I think this group does a lot for the area and I hope to be able to serve as a trustee for another term.

I am Jay Klemme, a “post-paycheck” dermatologist who retired early 2018 from University Hospital. I had been at Wooster Clinic, and then Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Wooster 1994-07. I completed my undergraduate studies in biology at Stanford, followed by Northwestern Med School; MPH at U of Illinois; 5 yrs at CDC as epidemiologist at NIOSH, then dermatology residency at University Hospital and an immunology fellowship. I have committed myself to renewable and sustainable energy by driving EVs (3 Nissan Leafs, and a 2014 Volt). In my home, I have installed a geothermal system and 32 solar panels on roof.

My name is Fred Michel. I am a Professor of Biosystems Engineering at The Ohio State University-OARDC in Wooster where I conduct research on cellulosic ethanol, composting and anaerobic digestion. I teach “Solar Energy Systems” at the OSU ATI, am the Chair of the OSU Wooster Sustainability committee, am an ETA certified Photovoltaic Level 1 installer and live in a solar powered house in Wooster. I have served as WCSEN President since 2009. I am interested in working with WCSEN to educate members of the community about the impacts of climate change and to demonstrate ways that individuals, families, businesses and government can reduce their carbon footprint and move to a more sustainable future. I am particularly interested in renewable energy systems and policies that both reduce the environmental impacts and costs of energy use. My four goals for SEN are to: (1) further develop renewable energy educational programs for Wayne County citizens, (2) bring speakers and programs to the community that teach ways to reduce our carbon footprint, (3) develop organics recycling programs, and (4) provide information to citizens about how they can reduce their energy costs using photovoltaic solar systems. A long term goal is to work with SEN members, businesses, academics and local governments to develop climate action plans for the city of Wooster and Wayne County that allow us to become climate positive communities.

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